Second Vice President H.E. Sarwar Danesh

Biography of Second Vice President Sarwar Danesh


His Excellency Mr. Sarwar Danesh son of Haji Mohammad Ali was born on 1961 in Daykundi province, where he has completed his primary education. Professor Daneshhas accomplished his higher education at Iraq, Syria higher education institutions.

Academic and scientific;

1.      Bachelor of law and literature (LLB).

2.      Bachelor of Islamic intuition and Feqah.

3.      Master degree in intuition and Fegah.

4.      Awarded the Juristic Grade from Academic and professional Cadre of Justice Ministry.

5.      Awarded the Legist degree by Ebn-e-Sina University.

Theological Education (Tahislat Hozavi / Olum-e- Dini)

1.      Completion of high levels.

2.      Completion of Islamic Jurisprudence (dowra Kharij Osool and Fiqah).

Official and Executive Positions:

After Collapse of Taliban regime Legist Danesh has been working in the following key and high ranking official and executive position.

1.      Second vice President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan from December 2014.

2.       Director of consultative and advisory board of judiciary and legal affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan form 2012 to 2014.

3.       Acting minister of Higher Education from 2011 to 2013.

4.      Minister of Justice and the deputy of law committee council of ministers from 2004 to 2009.

5.      The first Governor of province in 2004.

6.      Member of constitutional Loya Jirga in 2003

7.      Member of constitution review commission in 2003.

8.      Member of drafting and writing of Afghanistan’s constitutional law in 2002.

9.      Membership of urgent Loya Jirga in 2002.

Academic and political Activities;

During Jihad and resistance of afghan people, Legist Mr. Danesh besides continuing of his education, played an active role in political and cultural affairs including holding following positions:

1.      Lecturer of Shariya law at Afghanistan institute of higher education for eight years.

2.      Lecturer of law in different universities and institutes of higher education in Afghanistan since 2001.

3.      Deputy leader for the Islamic Unity Party of Afghanistan Assembly. 2003

4.      Member of High Council of the Islamic Unity Party of Afghanistan.

5.      Chief and one of the founders of Cultural Center of Afghanistan writers.

6.      Director of cultural committee and publication of the Islamic Unity Party of Afghanistan in exile.

7.      Cultural director of Sazmane- nasar-party.

Managment and direction of magazines and publications;

1.  Dur-i-Dari

2. Saraj quarterly

3. Negah-e-Moaaser magazine

4. Wahdat weekly

5. Payam-e Mostazafin Magazine

6. Serat Magazine

7. Misaq-eWahdat monthly Magazine.

8. Okhouwat Magazine

9. Co-operation with Hablullah magazine and and publication which, was initiated by Martyred Leader of the Afghanistan Islamic Unity Party, Ustad Abdul Ali Mazari.                                

Books and essays;

Ostad Danesh has many unpublished opuses while only 24 books have been issued by Legist Danesh including his translation for instance;

1.      Afghanistan Fundamental Rights / basic rights of Afghanistan.

2.      Afghanistan Administrative Law.

3.      Introduction to Public International Law.

4.      Generalities about the constitution

5.      Collection of Afghanistan’s constitutional laws.

6.       Introduction to law – making and enactment of Afghanistan’s new constitutional law.

7.      Women in politics and society.

8.      Contemporary point of view from Islam’s political views.

9.      Women in political system of Islam.

10.  Medical issues / questions from Islamic Jurisprudence (Feqah) view.

11.   Intellectual rights from Jurisprudence (Feqah) view.

12.  Afghanistan – the roof of the world.

13.   Secrecy in Islam.

14.  Revolutionary leadership in Islam.

15.  Martyred Abdul Kahliq Reminisce letter.

16.  Biography of Martyred Abdul Ali Mazari.

17.    Rules of Zakat and charity law in Shariya.

18.   And

More than 400 articles on different political, cultural, theological and historical issues are published with in the country and abroad. Furthermore, Legist, Danesh had  active participation in reviewing, revising and reprinting (reissuing) of several historic and important books such as Serajul Tawarikh, Afghanistan in throughout the history (Afghanistan dar masir-etarikh), Afghanistan Political History, Constitutional Movement in Afghanistan, Culture and Hazara Men. A research about Hazara and Hazaristan, Natural Structure for Hazara Jat, politics and theology, collection of Afghanistan constitutional laws, Regulation  and arrangement of Afghanistan’s Law collection, chronological table of context for Afghanistan extraordinary publications/ official Gazette of Afghanistan,  Manifest  and statute of Afghanistan’s political parties and so on…

Legist Danesh in addition to Dari, is fluent in Arabic language and has translated many books from Arabic to Persian and vise-versa and; also speaks of Pashto and English.