Visa Information

Attention!   Please fill out every section of this application form carefully and completely. Your application may be rejected if the information is not filled in completely.  Download the application form.

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All Polish citizens wishing to visit Afghanistan must apply and obtain a visa before they can travel. You are kindly asked to read content of the page carefully before you decide to contact the Embassy. Also make sure to fill in the visa form completely and with accurate information, otherwise your application may be rejected without further proceeding. It takes up to 10 working days to issue a visa.  

Hours of operation of the Consular Section: 

Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

In order to obtain an Afghan visa it is necessary to present the following documents:   

  • Visa form filled out and signed
  • Passport 
  • A visa declaration form filled out and signed (click to download)
  • Two recent photos onto white backgrounds of dimensions 3.5 x 4.5 cm  
  • In order to apply for a business visa it is required to attach the copy of a contract or an invitation from a business partner from Afghanistan, 
  • In order to apply for a tourist visa it is required to present some additional documents, as for instance: an invitation from an acquaintance or an institution in Afghanistan, hotel reservation, plan of trip or a confirmation from a travel agency. 

Each visa application is considered individually and it may be necessary to present some additional documents or attend an interview. After receiving an information that your visa will be issued,  you will be informed about the necessity to make payment. You should not make any payment before the decision is taken. If the visa fee is paid beforehand and a visa is not issued, there will be no possibility to receive the refund of the amount paid.


Those who apply for visa for the first time should submit the application form in person.

Those who have already applied for a visa to Afghanistan at the Afghan Embassy in Warsaw but cannot submit the application and other required documents in person, can send them by post (only from Poland) or courier. The passport can be send back by post if an applicant attaches to the application an additional return envelope. If the passport is to be picked up by courier, it has to be arranged by an applicant. It is suggested to use a trusted courier service to ensure the safety of your passport and attached documents. Another person can pick up the passport if a passport holder presents the Embassy the data of the person by email. Moreover, the person should have an authorization in paper to pick up the passport. 

Information for Afghan citizens:   

Afghans born in Afghanistan, holding passports other than Afghan, do not need to apply for visa. An entry permit may be obtained from the consular office. The entry permit can be downloaded from this website's passport section.

 Visa fees

1-month single entry tourist visa 100 EUR (+ bank fees)


1-month single entry business visa 100 EUR (+ bank fees)

 Urgent visa

It is possible to obtain an urgent business or tourist visa within 1 working day. It is necessary to make an appointment with the Consul first and submit all the required documents.

The visa fees are as follows: 

1-month single entry business/tourist visa 150 EUR (+ bank fees)

Visa fees should be paid by bank transfer to the following bank account: 


Embassy of Afghanistan
ul. Goplańska 1
02-954 Warszawa



Account number: 48 1910 1048 2215 0326 6063 0003 


SANTANDER Bank Polska S.A. 

Account number: PL 48 1910 1048 2215 0326 6063 0003


All bank fees are covered by an applicant. The Embassy does not accept cash.